Dreamers Girl

girlz got it rough
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2001-09-28 02:35:45 (UTC)


no offense to all the boys out there, but its just I broke
up with Cody for allen and then allen turns into a jerk and
then me and adam like eachother and its strange cuz it was
all perfect one day and then all wrong the next. I'm hoping
adam well ask me out right now should be perfect I think he
should of got the clue along time ago. It was kind of weird
when he told me he liked me then my cousin asked him out
for me and he said now are boys idiots or what,everybody
knows we like each other and were supposingly going out. My
good friend val refers to him as my boy toy, and my best
friend always says "if u guys go out,you'll be ontarios
dream team" which is not likely true. I cant seem to hold
on to boyfriends really well. Vall tells me its because i'm
kind of tight. I replied in a really mad voice that I'm not
going to make out with a guy on the first 2 days she
apoligized almost amiddately and told me its the guys
problem all they want is to get into my pants. We then had
to walk home in silence as i thought about me being so
tight and she thought about who knows what. The next day
was alot nicer though, I got to her house smiling and me
and her walked to school chatting like crazy. It was then
we found out that adam liked me. He ran up and caught up to
us and hes like hey theres jessica and waved at her i
smiled and asked if he still liked her he said no in a very
loud voice and then looked at the ground then val pushed
down his hat and asked then who do u like he just looked at
the ground walking and then looked up and smiled "kelsey
obviously" he muttered they both looked at me and smiled I
know neither of them knew exactly what i was thinking but i
just gave them both a forced smile that seemed to satisfy
them of course you know what i was thinking i wrote it up
there. He dident even ask me out. Everybody including him
knew i liked him and everybody including me knew he liked
me so why arent we going out?

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