diary name
2001-09-28 02:28:14 (UTC)

Monday, September 3. Larbor day:

Met with Adam at Gryphon café about 1 PM. I round the
corner on the way to café and run into brian s. cotter who
is a local musician who plays and writes all his own music
from his guts. He can get up and improve a full song that
sounds great. Brian said he spoke to adam and was told to
just show up cus’ david was making a movie that would be
worth working on. The 3 of us that day went over the
script. After review they both were more than willing to
create this film. I then brought out the super 8 camera
and video camera that was given to me by my friend gail.
From there we went to
Minella’s diner and ate lunch broke as we were. We worked
on the script a bit more. After lunch we went over to
adams house and went over the basic blocking of scenes and
working on details. Brian mentioned he might be able to
get Vanilla Ice to be in the film… I then said I would e-
mail Billy Name and ask if he wants to be in the film.
Adam Jumped up and screamed ‘YOU KNOW BILLY NAME!’ Yeah, I
I have been e-mailing him for a while now. He is really a
great guy. He is a great artist. You know him Adam?
Yes, David I have a bunch of velvet underground posters in
my room. Yes, I know Billy Name!
He is cool guy I am big fan. I got home that night at 10

Somehow at that moment everything was good munching on
fruit fig Newton’s and working on a project that seems very
possible. What better way to end the day then to watch
the spinal tap film for the first time?

After that we went home and worked on some small tasks. I
emailed Billy and waited