Jamie H

Pretty Baby
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2003-02-21 23:25:36 (UTC)

Nerves, Happy, Sad and Differently

I talked to you and was nerves,
I went on my first date with you and was nerves,
I loved you and started to get nerves,
I gave you my heart and I was nerves,

You said I love you and I was happy,
I gave you a million kisses and hugs and we were happy,
We shared feelings with each other and were happy,
I had sex with you and I was really happy,

You said I can't do this anymore and I got sad,
Then I said OK and acted like I was fine but I was sad,
Then we acted like we were fine but I didn't feel that
way . . . I was sad,
You totally called it for good and I got really sad,

I look back and thinking what could I have done differently,
I shouldn't have called you so much and our situation would
have been differently,
I shouldn't have came over on Super Bowl and I would have
seen things differently,
I hope to do things Differently