Jamie H

Pretty Baby
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2003-02-21 23:24:23 (UTC)

Perfect Guy:

Perfect Guy:
       You can tell them anything
       You feel like yourself around them
       Makes me laugh
       Likes to have fun    
       Likes the same things I do:  (At least 3 out of 5 )
             Mustangs or Cars
             Horseback Riding
             Going to the movies
             Hanging out with friends
        Wants A family
        Wants to be married for the rest of their life
        Isn't afraid of being wrong 
        Isn't afraid of going to counseling
        Doesn't Drink a lot
        Doesn't smoke
        Doesn't get Jealous of me hanging out with friends
        Backs me up 100% in whatever I do 
        Likes to cuddle a lot
        Not a Greedy Person
        Not afraid to show there love
        Good Sexual loving