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2001-09-28 02:20:19 (UTC)


I have worked in retail for four long years… in that time a
fellow worker had let me borrow about 3-4 films out of his
600 or so video collection. I saw the classic to the sci-
fi to the very very bad films. Always in the back of me
mind wanting to make a film… I had made video shorts in
the past all without sound most sucked because of the lack
of people and sound… That was then. I set to read and
study the cuts angles and what not. Breaking the credits
down. Reading how to write a sceenplay became boring and
discovered a waste of time. So I toss those books and just
began writing the best I could…
Out of which came a monologue that summed up how I felt. I
took my friend bob’s advice just do it.
He told me he admired me for the way I worked. Meeting
with him as two artists before we set out on our day helped
both of us cope and handle walking among strangers… I was
told if the student is ready the teacher would come. This
is true. Also, if the spirits see you are serious in your
soul about something.
You will be rewarded. This is true… Enough background on
with the diary of my first go at a feature
Length film with little cash and extreme amounts of pulling

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