Into the Apparently Pathetic Life of a M
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2001-09-28 02:05:56 (UTC)


Right, so a friend of mine had this, and I'm dead bored, so
I thought I'd open one up....Um, I have a diary, and a
life, for that matter. So I'm not sure that I'll actually
use this very often..or at all...Maybe I'll write this one
entry, and then decide never to use this again in my entire
life. That would be a good idea....Yes. Anyways, since I
have a real diary, I'll write boring and unintelligent
things in here, because I know that later, I will write the
unboring and intelligent things in my real journal. Oh,
boy, I'm rambling incessantly...Uh oh...So maybe what I'm
saying has no end in its irrelevancy to your life, but I'm
still going to keep continuity in my work. So tomorrow I
will incessantly ramble, and the next day, the same
thing...And this will be soooooo monotonous, that you will
never get back. Okay, I need sleep. Euphoria will never
come. Or, as Plato once said, "Only the dead have seen the
end of war."