"My Wonderful Life"
2001-09-28 01:46:44 (UTC)

Football night

I had a pretty good night besides it being so cold. At our
game the first half stank I mean total trag. Then we came
out the second half and did pretty good we completed some
passes and got a couple of touchdowns. Tiffani came and
took picture and I couldnt even play that sucked. But i
said a few words to her. I hurt myself not that bad but i
did again. I was trying to take the water kooler off the
table and i thought it would be light and it wasnt i
dropped it and got water all over me and my lump started
hurting again. but thats ok I am going to live. School
was pretty normal i just had to write about my game. Oh
yeah, the final score was 31-12 so that wasnt that bad.i
know its not long but what about short and sweet. Hey that
reminds me of someone oh yeah me.#3