2003-02-21 22:08:25 (UTC)

b4 youth group

hey all i don't have much to say yet, usually the only things to
talk about on fridays happens at youth group so i'll have more to
talk about later on. anyone ever feel like their life is closing in
on them? well my schedule is so packed lately and everyone is
expecting something from me so it seems harder to breathe, like
everyone is down my back. i met up with some new clients today so i
have only a week to put a whole presentation together, if this
presentation is bad it could cost some ppl their life's dreams. the
whole week isn't really even a week since i already had things to
do, tomorrow i have to coach dance, sunday i have church and
something else, monday i volunteer at a veterans' home, so that
leaves me three or four days. luckily i like being creative so it
shouldn't be too hard to create a really nice presentation. so
anyway luckily my dream did continue last night, so i slept great. i
should be taking some pictures tonight at the youth group so if
anyone cares to see just ask me. Song 4 the entry, "harder to
breathe" by maroon 5. well i better get goin so i can get ready.
i'll write more when i get back. until next time........the Pinkster