Corruption in all its beautiful forms..
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2003-02-21 21:34:21 (UTC)

host house

now living in host house, a "crisis" center in Lagrange KY
with 5 other girls and 1 guy, i got taken away cuz my mom
is a drug addict and my house was too cold, ill be at host
house either till im 18 or i get into independent living.
Im going to Oldham County High School, its alright i guess.
I cant see my friends yet and I havent gotten to see Dev
yet but i hope to soon. Yes, we are still together, which
is nice, i love and miss him so much. God it kills me. Well
im gonna go ill write more another day. BTW at the library,
its cool but not THAT cool.

Song:"anytime" bryan mcknight