oh make me over
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2003-02-21 21:29:16 (UTC)

looonnnggg time

wow its been so long.
not much has happend. Valentines was a bitch as
always and im still not over josh. god fucking damnit.
fuck chicks that are with guys i like.
wellllllll... i talked to ben for the first time in ages and on
the phone for the first time ever. ahh what a stud muffin.
hahah. hes so cute and has the cutest voice. i dont care
im going to massachuesetts to see him this summer.
*yawn* im going to milpitas later. in about 2 hours or

depression sucks. i alienate myself and i wonder why
im so lonely. being lonely sucks. i need a boyfriend or a

and i miss stevee. god - i was going to michigan to
surprise him this week cos we both didnt have school
this week, but NOOO he goes to fucking florida.
arrrrgghhhh. life hates me.. god hates me. haha, i said
that and ben said " GOD IS NON EXISTANT SO HE
DOSNT HATE YOU " he got all atheist on my ass hehe.
hes so sweet.BASTARDs' seeing hey mercedes tonight. i wish i
was in MA...its snowing. grrrr. he came to sacramento winter
break and i tried hard as fuck to go but i had no clue
WHERE in sacramento he was. gosh.

hmmmmm.... not much to say. *yawn*

i listend to my everclear cd for the first time in a zillion years.. i
missed it. *listens to so much for the afterglow* weeee.
i need to brush my teeth. yuck

current music: everclear- so much for the afterglow