Whatever I feel like writing
2001-09-28 01:27:35 (UTC)

First Entry

This is my first entry...
I dunno if other people are really gonna read this or not,
I don't mind if they do. I'd prefer it if someone at least
listened to me ramble sometimes...
My name isn't really Duo, I just don't wanna use my real
name- I like Duo better. I'll probably use different names
for my friends, too.
I'm 14, female, and I live... well, that's no one's
buisness but mine. I'm 5'7", my weight is far from fat but
still a carefully guarded secret, my eyes are brown, and so
is my hair. It may seem like it now, but I'm not
depressing, I'm almost always bouncing around and grinning
and trying to make my friends laugh. I'm just in a hurry
and all... I've been really busy lately, barely any time to
take showers or even sleep, much less /look/ at the
computer, forget about turning it on or going online. I'll
write in here every now and then, but my precious and rare
leisure time is up. I can safely say that next time I post,
I'll be a lot more upbeat. Ja ne minna-san, and for anyone
who didn't understand, See you later, everyone!