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2003-02-21 20:01:14 (UTC)

My day 2-20-03

Yea I deleted a lot of entries cause I dont want people to
know how I think or feel so all this diary will be is what
I did each day...

Pretty sweet day if I say so myself :) I got up today at
6:00 full of energy suprisingly and I watched tv for a
little. Than I got dressed made the bus and talked to my
friends doug and tom. Moving along to 2nd period the best
period of my day Woodworking I was workin on my project and
shit got a lot done and Ill be able to bring it home
soon :) 3rd and 4th period are mad boring as usual so on to
lunch i told this kid tim off last night cause hes a
fucking cunt face douche with no friends and he annoys the
shit out of me...but anyway he didnt even bother me today
which was sweet...ok moving along to 7th period I talked to
this girl kelly today shes mad cool :) and my team in gym
won our volleyball game today...and tonight im goin to the
mall with my friend anthony so all in all pretty good sweet
day later

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