A Hippie's Thoughts......
2001-09-28 01:19:12 (UTC)


Hey Journal! Well..2day has been alright I guess. Kinda
boring If u ask me. In drama we had to learn about this
stupid characterization crap and learn about sterotypes. In
ELP we got our tests back and I Made a *94*. Big Deal.
Neways..Yesterday in Principals of Business we got these 3
tests that we had taken back and we got 2 change ne thing
we got wrong 2 make a higher grade. So now I got 2 100's
and 1 97. Haha. Neways in Biology..we were posed 2 read THE
HOT ZONE or JURRASSIC PARK by 2morrow (im only on pg 65)
BUt OUr teacher is SO Nice (yea right) that he's letting us
read it until monday. Yipee! And We had to take this really
hard test 2day..I Hope I did *ok*. Well Last night..Brian
put something that really made me like..AHHHH on his info.
Haha..but thank gosh he took it off! By tha WAy..HEY BRIAN.
LoL. Lunch was boring AGAIN 2day..We have the suckiest food
EVER! Ne ways..I had tennis practice 2day and 2 ppl werent
there. Me *n* Dayle played Mandy *n* Shandra in Doubles. We
won 8-7..but barely. The JV Football team played S.Rowan
2night and won like 21-6 or 7....I wouldnt really know cuz
I wasnt paying attention. So Im going 2 go..hoping that my
144 will be on the internet..So TtyL!