Chibi Kiara

Inside my head
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2001-09-28 01:12:42 (UTC)

My day

Well I beat my lowest sales at work today with a whole 0
sold! Then I had some hag say she was going to sue me for
not following the fedral law by removing her from the call
list! Damn Bitty! So I had to get the manger that makes me
think of the women I have to call mother that had me to a
point once in my life where Dog food was tasty b/c she
wouldn't let me eat anything! Also Damn Bitty! And the
bitch of a manger played it out as my fault!_kills all
three as of now_ Then the geranl manger came over to see
why I haven't made a sale and the only coment he made was
Nice drawling. I was atteming Taz for the frist time for
the girl that gives me a ride home from work. Well that was
the only thing what turned out good at work today! When I
got home I thanked two friends for sighing up to work where
I do. Then waited on Denny to get home and thank him for
coming and eatting with me during lunch(btw it never did
happen he was to busy with getting Micky D's for him self.
Prick.)And of all things he said he wanted to go out to his
friends house and don't want to stay home with me! That's
it I walk off and locked my-self in the bed room. Then get
this he had the balls to call me a bitch! And I sit here
writing this he is upstair laughing like a little kid that
he really is! I am still in tears! I swear life is to
fucked up for me! I might just die tonight! As if
any one would care! Then he took me out to eat at bod evens
and starts to talk about the dumpester and what was in it -
there went my appite- then driving home he drives like a
god damn crazy man! So I hti him for laughing wheni fell
over when he was driving "Don't hit me ever again, gotit?"
He yells at me! If I would start hitting on him he would be
lying in a hospital bed right now begging for some on to
shot him! Well I am done for tonight as I hear him walk
down the stairs!

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