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2001-09-28 01:07:10 (UTC)

PLEASE READ! I need help :) I like Dane! HELP!

I like dane (as you can tell by the title, lol).
He is so adorable and I feel like SUCH a loser for liking
some guy that I dont even know. Hes so cute and everyone
says he is really sweet!
Jessica-says he is sweet and a big flirt and really nice.
She also says that if I got to know him, we would probably
really like each other. And she told me that he is EXACLTLY
my type and we would look so good together.
Brittany-says he is an asshole
Emily-says he is pear shaped (?) and really nice
Sara-says he is really cool and nice
Julia-says he is super sweet
Jordin-says hes nice but NOT boyfriend material
Luke-says he is a POSER and wears loser shoes (lol i agree
but HOW shallow would that be to dislike someone for their
choice of shoes?)

Hes had 2 girlfriends since the beginning of the year,
where as Ive had ZERO ZIP ZILCH Boyfriends. (0)

Hes WAY out my league dont you think? I sure wish he wasnt.
I dont have a single class with him or know any of his
friends, so I have no way to get to know him. Isnt that
sad? I think so. We could have been so good together...
(lol) :)

Brittany says that I am TOTALLY clueless when it comes to
boys and that I need serious help. She says that I am
obsessed and that she needs to help me-cuz I am green and
14 years old. Is that SO bad?

Its just too hard to get a boyfriend. I am SO good at
minipulating teachers and parents. I can make an adult do
WHATEVER I want and they are none the wiser. But boys my


Last year if I was to let a guy know that I liked him then
he would be disgusted probably and make fun of me and tell
all his friends that I like him ETC ETC.
This year I know (I think?) that it would be different but
I am still WAY too scared of rejection!!!!!

So I need help.

Hi, Im Lily, and I am boyfriend challenged.

Got any ideas????