2001-09-28 01:03:21 (UTC)

Fast food fury

Well this morning in P.E. I played a very non-invigorating
game of basketball, and now that we're done with the unit I
get to look forward to football in the 40 degree weather.
In journalistic writing I started typing up my editorial
column. It's an exciting little piece entitled "One random
bug could kill us all". I decided that I could pull 600
words out of my ass about why it's so ridiculous that
people are afraid of bugs, myself included. In Algebra II
we took a quiz over stupid factoring monomial and
polynomial crap. I think I did okay on it except for the
last two questions. For lunch I went to Fazoli's with my
friends, and it ended up being quite a mistake. We only
get 35 minutes for lunch, and it takes at least 5 minutes
to drive there and back from school. We stood in line for
20 minutes while the employees stood behind the counter
looking like they had no clue in hell what they were
supposed to be doing. When we finally got to order after
the 20-some stupid yuppies who *didn't* have to worry about
getting detentions for tardies, they told us they would
bring our order out to us. Oh yeah you stupid fucks, I
really want to wait another 20 minutes for you to decide to
bring me my food so I can get an unexcused absence for
class and get in school suspension. We sat down and waited
for 8 minutes, and we saw our freaking orders just sitting
there behind the counter but the employees were just
standing there like a bunch of mental retards, so we went
up there and told them we wanted our food. They proceeded
to stare blankly at me and hold the tray with our orders,
replying "This is your food?" I told them yes, and reached
to take the tray, and the god damn moron who was holding it
pulls it back like he's not going to give it to me. I
snatched it away from him and stormed back to my table,
noticing that I had exactly 1 minute to eat. After I took
half the napkins out of the dispenser to de-grease my pizza
(there were literally pools of grease on it, it was
absolutely revolting) I shoved the whole damn thing down my
throat in 30 seconds. We sped all the way back to school
but to no avail, since I was already late. One more tardy
and I get a detention. Lucky me. Anyways, my grandma
showed up today and she's going to be here until Monday. I
hope she doesn't sit around and stare at me the whole time
like she usually does. It creeps me out. I basically have
who I want to ask to homecoming down to 3 people, so
hopefully I'll get the guts to ask one of them. I'm hoping
I might be able to at the football game tomorrow night.
Well anyways, I'm done rambling for today.