Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
2003-02-21 15:48:04 (UTC)

today was better... but now for yesterday...

Well I've got a lot to say.. but i've got a bandage wrapped
arround my left had and it's very hard to type. I slashed
my left hand on an oyster during yesterdays drunken
rampage. Man, well, yesterday was an incredibly scary
experience. To make a long story short Phil over-dosed on
his dexamphedimines and went to the hospital. Hmmm. I was
so achingly scared for him. Man. Anyway Phil's ok... he
gave everybody a huge scare. Today was cool. I had a nice
day with Kaelah in the city. We went to fasta pasta for
tea.. kay's a legend for shouting me dinner. She's so
giving.. man kaelah's an awesome person. I love that chick!
She was really depressed about Phil though. Man, if she
doesn't talk to him before he goes away to Gatton she'll be
like this for ages, i guarantee. I spoke to Gab tonight.
(yeah, we all saw that one coming from a mile away! again
with this gab thing? come on buddy.. move on!) hmmm. So
anyway I spoke to her on the phone. This is so hard. Man.
So hard. I can't write too much cos of my hand.. i'm gonna
have the coolest scar though. I really ought to write pages
worth of stuff about everything right now.. but damn it.. I
had to drink too much and injure myself. I have such an
array of mixed moods at the moment, due to all the stuff
that's happened. But all I can say about the way I feel
right now is that i miss a lot of things. I feel very jaded
with life. I want to be passionate. I've always been a very
passionate person. I need that in my life. I was so
passionate about being in love. I wanna get passionate
about taking myself places again. I can't rely on anybody
else in life. Just God and myself to get me through. (By
the way Uni kicked ass, orientation week) It's 2am and I
have work in the morning. Goodnight.