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My Sacrifice
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2003-02-21 15:27:20 (UTC)

saturday morning really early

why is it that no matter how hard i try sleep is nearly
impossible until like i need it say 10 hours before i
start work the next day don't it suck oh well we get over
that shit anyways day got worse as it went on i thought
work sucked as it does and i just kicked the door on my tv
cabinet and i am blooding everywhere again. i bleed like a
chick i hate it

adam moves in tomorrow whoo hoo could be fun could be hell
oh well we will get over it

new idea for the day i am gunna get a tatto i don't know
of what so lay down the suggestions and if you want you
can donate to the get michael a tatoo fund

at the moment i am running a few different funds that
people might want to donate to they are all for good

Get Michael Laid Fund: $0
Get Michael Drunk Fund: $0
Get Michael A Tatoo Fund: $0
Get Michael A House Fund: $0
Buy Amber Some Tits Fund: $0.50

If you would like to make a donation to any of these funds
just drop us a line

yeah so the day is over rage sucks so did the footy do i
am off to bed

To keep the theme

Drug Of Choice: Bourbon a must have
Music of choice: Custard - Girls Like That Don't Go For
Guys Like Us

Till Tomorrow Pickles