A day in the life
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2001-09-27 23:38:48 (UTC)

Judgment day

Today was the worst day ever! Im not aloud to see my best
friend anymore. Im hysterically crying,I dont know what to
do. Shes what keeps me sane. I go to her house everyday for
about two hours.. we dont go to the same school so i dont
get to see her during the day. her parents are going on
this huge power trip... im not allowed to see her!We've
been best friend since we were five. THis is the worst day
ever! i fucking hate this. Her parents seriously hate me. I
feel so stuck... i have NO control over this at all. They
keep talking to her about her grades. She gets B's is what
the problem is... she goes to an amazing private school and
i would fail if i went there. They keep saying how she has
to go to UNF. She told me that she would commit suicide if
she didnt get in. I started to cry, I told her that she
shouldnt base her existance on what college she goes to.
SHes so smart and i wish i could do somthing for her, she
says im not allowed to see her b/c of her grades but i know
thats not true, Her parents think we hang out too much. WE
DONT GO TO THE SAME SCHOOL! I Hate this, shes the only
person that i have that i can fully vent to. I cant take

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