Stream of Consciousness
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2003-02-21 13:19:38 (UTC)


i woke up super early compared to when i have been lately
today. 7am. my fucking asshat brother turned his tv way up
and its the room right below me, and he has it hooked to
has bass so it woke me. im a little pissed, i suppose i
could go back to sleep but fuck it. im actually thinking
about going to town and doing some shit ive been thinking
about doing for awhile.
ive been downloading alot of sappy late 80's/ early 90's
pop/rock slow songs lately. im not sure why. i think im
burnt out on ultra angry "fuck you uncle sam" in your face
harcore music. i still love the Rage above and betond
everything else. i have never heard music by anyone else
that kept me comming back so much time after time.
oddly, at the same time of discovered this new soft pop
sad fetish, ive also been feeding a new audio disease.
angry punk. for some reason lately i have enjoyed black
flag, anti-flag, and inside out. i tried buying the inside
out cd but the one store was sold out, and the rest never
had it. so i got anti flag, and thats a pretty kick ass
album(do people say album? i always use words and
expressions from previous generations, so i have no excuse
for being this square). i intend to buy a black flag album
and i desperately want the inside out album because it is
the lead singer of rage (zack de la rocha) first band where
he was the front man. he played guitars before that but im
not enough of a freak to know for what band.
ive got a test in statistics tonight. this class is my
most boring. im going to write some notes on index cards
today because we "arent allowed to use your notes or books,
but whatever you can fit on index cards is ok". obviously
the logic is unless we are completely retarded we will
rewrite our notes on the index cards, and in the process
remember the subject better.
seriously, i need to hurry up and become a millionaire so
i can move to hawaii and star at hot chicks all day. na i
kid. im only 19, by the time im 25 ill probly see things
different, but while im still my young, idealistic self, un
beaten by the system and still hopeful for change. i think
i want to live a life without extreme wealth. i want to be
better than my parents because i think thats the meaning of
life (if someone said "Yo adam! whats the meaning of life?"
id say "to be better than your previous generation") but
beyond that. i just want to be comfortable. i dont think
wealth is right.
life is on a continuim. obviously where the is extreme
wealth, there is extreme poverty. the only reason people
can stomach this fact is they arent forced to think about
it. it isnt thrust into thier faces, they dont have to see
homeless people if they dont want to.
i just dont want to be a part of a system where people go
without, and others live in excess.
im out

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