What Lies Beneath...
2001-09-27 23:27:43 (UTC)


Everyone says they don't understand me. I'm writing this so
they will. Now they can't say they don't understand me
because I'll make them understand. I'm letting everybody
know whats going on inside of my pysched out head. I'm
warning you now could scare you. Anywayz...this
is my for everyone to read. It's sort of a moronic
idea. I mean ANYBODY could read it and I could never know...then they
could tell a bunch a people about this wacked out girl they read
about on the net but I dont care. Let them tell...Anyhoo...If you
somehow managed to stumble upon this then here's my stats. I'm
seventeen. I live in California. I have brown eyes and currently
bluish-green hair. And this is my online diary. Oh and....if you fuck
with me in any way shape or form...i will personally hunt you down
and kill you. just a little ahead-of-time warning for all you sick
sadistic people out there!