Restless Comet Diary
2003-02-21 11:49:05 (UTC)

Is spring coming so soon?

There are 10 celsius degrees outside...mmm..pretty
warm.And it smells like spring.I even saw the old gipsy
women selling snowdrops.I love those flowers because they
are so white and pure.
I was thinking that 1st March is coming soon.I'm
wondering what will I get hehe.In the romanian culture 1st
March day is called "martisor".Girls usually get greeting
cards and lil presents with white and red ribbons made for
this day.They are more like symbols but it's a really
cheerfull day.Hehe I guess boys don't get anything.They buy
flowers and greeting cards and presents for girls.Last year
I got a lot of from the girls in my class plus flowers from
Alex and Ionut and Catalin.
I didn't expect to get anything but this is a sign of
friendship and I was pretty happy when I saw they don't fit
in my bag anymore hehe.
I even bought a lot of for my friends too.I hope this
year my grandma will give me some money .Otherwise I will
cannot buy them.Hehe but I'll persuade her to.
I woke up in a good mood today.I studied in the morning
and now I just came here.After that I think I'll go to the
library or at school..I don't know.But I'll be back here
around 5.30pm.The contest tomorrow it's so far away..not
even in my highschool..It's at Toma socolescu highschool
which is in the west part..wah I have to wake up so early
and walk and then take the tram.I hope I'll get there in
time and no cramps this time hehe.
Let's hope it won't be too difficult..