Ugly on the inside
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2001-09-27 23:00:22 (UTC)

Sanborn Spill

What an awful ending to an awful day. No one is home which
i usually love but tonight i feel so fucking lonely. it's
awful... i feel like i don't exist to anyone. kinda like
the guy did in the 6th sense... (bad example). it's kinda
weird... i wanted to be left alone but not permanently. i
feel kinda like i'm in a bubble or something. No one talks
to me anymore, no one bothers...
today i got made fun of like i was back in 8th grade. a
time in my schooling career that i'd like to forget. in
Housing and Interior Design i was GIVEN the Gothic
archetecture topic and i could automatically hear
whispering and people saying shit about me being goth...
which i am not. i was fucking wearing plaid pants and a
pink animal crackers shirt! oooooh yeah, definately goth. i
wish people wouldn't be so stupid all the time.
i got food thrown at me again this morning. ignored the
rest of the day. erin isn't around anymore because she
drives to school now. i wish i could but i have no clue
where to park cuz we're an inner city school with no
parking lot. but anyways... we never see each other. james
doesn't like me anymore for some fucked up reason and
everyone else just doesn't want to deal with me. to tell
you the truth, i wouldn't want to deal with me either. i
haven't heard from tim in weeks... i was always the one to
call him.... so i gave him the "call me back" test and he
hasn't, subtley is something i am very very very sensitve
to. my parents are home now, i just wanna get out of here.
i think i'll go down to java joes and read the Casco Bay
Weekly over a steaming hot Chai... maybe it will be a good
end to a bad day... who knows?

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