I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2001-09-27 22:51:33 (UTC)

Red Hots and Hot Tamales

Well, today was my lunch date with Cathy. We went to Yae
Sushi. I didn't have sushi because it was too expensive.
Fortunately, Cathy was nice enough to share. It was nice to
catch up with her. She's a very grounded person, and I
needed someone like that. Just to listen. So, overall,
lunch was good. My bestest friend is coming down for a Tori
Amos concert @ the Tupperware Center. The concert is
Sunday, but she's staying with me this weekend. She called
me earlier from South Carolina. She'll be here late this
evening. So I've been cleaning and changing sheets. I'm so
glad that she's coming. I've missed her a lot.

In other news, I was in an odd mood last night and started
asking random people if they had a passion. Out of about
250 people, 245 said yes, there were 3 nos, an I don't
know, and one rude jerk. I was amazed how many people were
so kind and nice to me. I never realized how many people
did have one. I didn't ask what they were, I thought that
would be too personal, but some people did volunteer their
passions. Music was first, followed by writing (a close
second). I was just curious so I decided to ask.

Tonight is the new Friends episode. This is the last
season. I have to remember to tape it for Nikki. In Tally,
I used to go to Erin and Lori's house on Thursday nights to
watch with them. I miss them a lot.

Well, I don't have much else to report. This is me, signing
off. Till later.