the life of tigger, with pooh, bartman,
2001-09-27 22:44:32 (UTC)


mood - annoyed but happy
music - chimaira, split

hiya ppl, hope ya all ok... im in a happy mood apart from
the skirt girls givin me hassle again, apparently im
a ''wannabe grunger'' because im not as ''grunge as them'' -
as if i wud ever WANT 2 b liie them, they just keep
csallin me ''fake grunge gurl'' and crap like that - whats
the bloody point, ive never claimed 2 b a ''grunger''' if
there is such a thing, ppl like that they like and i dont
think we shud put labels on that - yes, i like alternative
music, yes, i wear baggy jeans , but dus that make me
a ''grunger''? god i hate them...i cannot wait till i leave
school in 6 months time and i can forget about them and
live me life HAPPILUY...

byyyeeee luv tiggeress

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