Laura's need to rant and chat
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2003-02-21 07:07:13 (UTC)

Planning my move to Las Vegas

I have started planning my move to "Sin City" and I so
happy about that. I started a savings account to help w/
the move. I have a decent amount in it already and I'm
putting a chunk of my paycheck each week into savings to
help with my move. Plus I'm going to put my tax refund
into savings. I am so happy, I can't wait. I am so ready
to go... It's not even March yet, and because of time off
to go visit Vegas, I'm suck here atleast until mid-May
unless some great hotel calls me and offers me job w/
moving costs, but oh well... Life goes on... and the longer
I'm stuck in this hell whole of FLA I can save more money.

Tomorrow I'm doing something either very daring, very
stupid or both. I'm going to go visit my friend Jamie in
Baton Rouge for the weekend. I could run into Jim and that
scares me. I so don't want to do that. Plus, I'd probably
smack him if I saw him. He's late AGAIN with the car
payment. I'm not reminding him again. I'm just going to
call and email my lawyer and ask if we can repo the car. I
hope so, because with it I can sell it and make some easy
money for my savings account to help me move.

My parents are being so cool about my plans. AT first they
were pretty freaked, but now they are giving me loose
change to roll to put into savings for my move. Hell
tomorrow I'm putting another $70 of rolled change into my
savings account. How cool is that. Plus on Tuesday my
direct transfer from my checking to savings takes place and
that will be $25 a week. The are being so cool. They are
even sending me to LV to look around and then having my
sister come up from Phoniex to help me look and "have a
good time" with during my long weekend up there in May.
Mom even told me she wanted to do something for me to be
able spend time w/ my sister and everyone thought it was a
great idea. It will be crazy. I will head to LV either
Tues or Wed of a week and job hunt until Friday night when
my sis shows up and then it's party time until I leave on
Sunday. Go Laura...


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