Thee Sandman

Thee Sandman
2001-09-27 22:41:08 (UTC)

09.26.01 Dreams

It was on a suburban hill side. Cool houses, great views. I
was showing the houses and the ones I had designed to my
girlfriend. There was one that i really liked,
multi-leveled, multi-entranced, nice lawn, big windows, some
trees-pine, deck. It was a tall, long and skinny house.
There was a woman living there, older, very nice, she let my
girlfriend and I in to her house because i designed it.
There were other houses on the hill that were also my
There was this strange circular concrete structure just down
the hill from the house. I think it was some sort of person
transport launch/landing structure. We roamed around in it.
Weren't supposed to be there. Found a transport, got in and
tried to fly it. Very difficult. We ran.
I think i have had this dream before.
I think i like suburbia