The land of unknown
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2001-09-27 22:39:03 (UTC)

My World

today was not unlike most days, except for a couple things.
it started out like usual. i wake up way too fucking early,
get ready and then go to school. most days, i start out
feeling somewhat ok. i usually try to find an empty seat
on the bus. then school started. went to english,
nothing big. then i went to world history, talked about
antient egypt. some interesting facts. then i went to art
foundation, which always sucks. by this time in every
day, i feel more depressed and alone. bell rings, then
go to lunch. by the time i get there, i feel so alone,
everyday. i still have no one to hangout with. Chris and
Matt have lunch before me. but today, there was this girl
who's in my creative writing class, and i know she likes
some of the same things as me. Static-X and things
like that. all in all, seems like some one who'd be cool to
know. but as usual, i felt alone and depressed,
standing near the vending machine. then she gets in
line and her shirt says "in my world, you don't exist."
normally those shirts are something that i like. but this
time, it was true. here is some one who i could easily
be friends with, but i don't know her and in her world, i
don't exist. in my state of mind at lunch, her shirt was
something that made my feelings get worse. i felt like
no one. if i died, she wouldn't have noticed any
difference in her day. and then the bell rings, we go to
creative writing. the class we share. then we hear this
buzzing at the begging of class. it was a bomb drill, but
with the cops out side and having just heard a siren near
by, we suspect it was no drill. we sat out there for a half
an hour. then went back in and continued like nothing
happened. but i had more important things on my mind.
i was trying to give myself the hope that Kitty will
eventually find a way to love me. and so that was my
day. not much more than usual.