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2001-02-26 00:22:22 (UTC)



How does that sound...like fustration just a bit..I wish
I could solve everything with no problems, but i have a
problem, in the entry before i talked about trust,and it
always has a weird way of fiting into things. I am gaining
two important friendships that I had lost for some time.
Trust is important in building any relationship i know
that. Well the two people i am doing my best to build a
freindship with. I lost each freindship for un-neccesairy
reasons. They both have taught me more then they know
about myself, and help me be a wonderful person. I know
one of the friends is reading this, cause i trust her
enough with my thoughts. I want her to know that i talked
to this other freind *her boyfreind* on the phone, to solve
past confusions. I am scared to tell her this, cause trust
is such a issue in every way right now, and well people
have not prove themselves so trustworthy to her. I want to
tell her this without her feeling like i am trying to take
something away from her, or that i have feelings..where
there are no feelings for this other person. There are just
alot of un-solved resentments, that i needed to face. All
i can do is hope she understand, and not the her mind make
more out of this then there is.