Kaleigh's Journal
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2001-09-27 21:54:07 (UTC)


Ha. couldn't think of a subject. Well, many things to say.
But I don't think I'm gonna say some of them...cuz i just
don't feel like it. Last Saturday (or was it Friday?) I
went to the movies with Bristi (BJ), Randy, Amy, Jasmine,
BJ's cousin, and BJ's friends Brandi, Gary, and David. Gary
and David are the most annoying people on the planet. Not
once were they just sitting there. Not even during the
movie. Grr. I just wanted to smack them. Especially David.
And supposedly, BJ likes David. hahahahahahahahahaha! I
read her diary. It said so. I mean....David's...kinda cute.
Just so f***ing immature. Or maybe it's just because he was
around Gary. And a whole bunch of girls. He's probably calm
and nice when it's just him and you. But still....
'Kay. next subject. I don't know if I've said this already
but I like someone else. :) But he's preppy! I a crush...on a prep. They call
him "Aaron" cuz he does his hair like Aaron Carter. (well,
that just gave away who he is). But he's so cute! I don't
know what to do. I always have issues with guys cuz I just
have no clue what the hell to do. :( oh well. next
There's a rave tomorrow at Gameworks. I'm gonna probably
see "BOB" there. But i don't like him anymore. Ya know, it
was supposed to be just me, cynthia, and lavetta (sp?)
going to Gravity (the rave). But now every f***ing person
in the school knows about it. There's gonna be so many
people there. It starts at 8 but I'm gonna get there at
like 4 so i don't have to wait in line (hehehe) It's gonna
be so much fun! haha! Alrighty well, i'm really hungry. and
i gotta call Bristi and laugh at her about her liking
david. Chao world!