of the last

of the last
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2003-02-21 04:58:23 (UTC)

bad times=morning after 20 shots

wow, so this morning i felt like dog shit in a blender. my
head hurt so fucking badly and my stomach wanted to empty.
i managed not to barf, though looking back maybe i should
have cause it woulda gotten all that alcohol out of my
system. holy shit was i drunk. i mean 20 shots. *shudders*
i dont like getting that drunk. which is why i like beer
and wine, it takes longer to drink, so i end up in the best
state on the road to drunk, buzzed. so on saturday im going
to a debate tourny with winnie and we are gonna eb there
for like 14 hours. itll be crazyness. but itll be 14 hours
spent with winnie so im not complaining.

i need to quote a messege left on this diary for all of you

"From: [email protected]

i would kill to be in the state that you were in while
typing this entry.

k goodbye"

indeed the state i was in while typing the entry was good,
but the state i was in in the morning was NOT good. power
to you whoever you are. cause i thought no one read this,
but apparently im wrong, so i have anaudience now.

tomorrow is going to be a long boring day, but ill prolly
end up going to the mall and looking for something for
winnie's b-day present, even though her birthday is in
december i havent had money to get her one till now. which
makes me feel really abd cause she had one for me on my
birthday and im just like...i have....nothing =( but im
thinking im gonna try and get her more of something shell
use, the used cd maybe. hmmmm, ill see what i can find that
she needs. well since my stomach is about to explode after
eating 30 pieces of sushi, im gonna go attempt to pass out.