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2001-02-26 00:01:45 (UTC)

Well hello out there. Good..

Well hello out there. Good morning & evening

A matter of trust

Such a fragile thing, trust. Trust in each other, the
strangers that walk by you everyday? Can this world really
be as bad as it seems, as fragile as it is?

This thing, trust, is my downfall, for I rely on the
kindness of strangers and friends. My downfall which will
one day be my undoing. Doom has in its fate for me, some
small measure of this thing, trust. Of that I am sure.
this was written by Raven Ivy

I found this on a web page, cause i needed some words of
trust to start out this *entry* & this fits. Trust is
something that goes through my head all the time. I have
been becoming freinds with well old friends again,
resolving diffrences and well just getting over stuff, but
since there was diffrences you always remember then, and u
dont know whether to trust the change with open arms, or
trust it with a hand shake..