t0 b0dfish...
2001-09-27 20:45:00 (UTC)

t0 b0dfish... 3- girls

Girls... the word echos like a hammer hitting my skull. I
dont hang w/ many girls. I cant stand the gossip, the
decietfulness, and the hate. There are only two girls that
have stuck by my side throughout these two years. Amber and
Amanda. Although they are the best friends I'll ever have,
Id never be able to forget Sally. Sally- my best friend in
Arlington, the one that lived 4 houses down. We still talk,
but its not the same. Its so different being able to see
Amber and Amanda every day and not seeing Sally at all. You
never realize how much someone or something means to you
until theyre/its gone. There are many girls in Burleson
High... many, many girls. I only get along with about 5% of
them. Cheryl- oh how I miss Cheryl. and Shannon. No one
knows how much I would love to be able to talk to them or
see them again. Ive known Cheryl for almost 3 years... and
in those 3 years we've grown to be such good friends. So
many memories of walking up to Krogers when we had the
munchies. Anyway, yeah about BHS.. there's so many bitches,
b0dfish. You would hate it. I know you would. Why get mad
over a shirt- one $10 piece of clothing worn only one day?
Or pants, or anything of that matter? Its bullshit. Why
change your opinion about someone because of something like
that? Or smoking? Its a habit that a person can start with
earlier on in life that they cant let go. You cant expect a
person to quit anything like that because of you, or anyone
else. Anything else. b0dfish, its bullshit...