Lori's Magical and Insane World
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2003-02-21 03:28:27 (UTC)

Four Months until Marriage

Dear Diary,

Well, Jeff and I are getting married. And I'm just
getting stressed. I'm not stressed about if he's the
right guy or anything. I know that he's right for me.
I'm just frustrated with money and hoping that everything
will fall into place. I'm also getting frustrated and
depressed about my weight. Almost everything I try isn't
working. I lift weights and that works for a while, and
dieting, and every kind of exercises that I can think of.
It's been a struggle. Well, other than that, nothing
really going on. Just been working a lot. Been
frustrated with my job because I feel like I've been
demoted even though I got a raise. I was pretty much
stripped from my job and do what I was pretty much was
doing when I first worked there. Also my coworkers are
just constantly harassing me (either they joke a bit too
much or they think that I'm too stupid). They live in
constant double standards. Oh well, what do you expect.
Other than that, nothing.