Stream of Consciousness
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2003-02-21 02:50:45 (UTC)


gave my speach on chess tonight. went well. got some
laughs, people seemed to enjoy it. i enjoyed it. a good
time was had. its not the speach that i had a hard time
with. it was what happened in the hall during break after
my speach that disurbed me.
Im by myself standing over at the billboard reading those
note about books and whatnot people post on that shit, just
because that what i like to do on break. that annoying
bitch that talks all during class walks up to me, she hasta
be 45 years old. and she hits on me. she says "i liked your
speach", which was fine i said thanks and assumed that
would be that. then she gets kinda close to me and says in
a soft voice like she is trying to work her female magic on
me, "i like how confident you are up there". at that point
i got a bit uneasy, said thanks and made a hastey retreat
back into the room. dear god. why must the 40 year olds
hit on me?
Chuck hasta be the goofiest mother fucker i have ever
met. i love that guy. funny funny guy. he demonstrated how
to make a pbj sandwhich. i didnt expect much out of it. but
it was hilarious. he is one of those guys you just look at
him in a normal situation and you are prone to laughter. he
has that certain magic about him that is funny, everyone
was laughing all through his speach, it was a good speach,
better than mine and everyone elses but he felt bad at the
end he said. i think he thought everyone was laughing at
him. i dont think he realizs the comedic power he wields.
im out

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