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2003-02-21 02:22:44 (UTC)

Human Relations Day

AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! today we had human relations day at
school, and it was a half day! woo hoo! half days rule.
yea... i had fun, especially because of the FREE FOOD!
when we got there, we played the "lap game". and we moved
around the circle so many times, and sat on whose ever lap
was behind us. it was really lame. and we had to make name
tags about the best gift we've ever given and the best
gift we've ever received. i said the best gift i had ever
given was when i gave my brother fake dog crap for
christmas. i think a lot of people got scared of me when i
said that...
and then we had to do battle of the sexes, that was dumb
too (but it beats school :)). ms. benning came up with all
the questions, and they were all about the 60's. and we
had to do improv, using stereotypes of different people,
and act out the stereotypes. i was the "class clown". i
didn't do a very good job at that... =/
then we had to write little messages about people that we
met that day, and stick them on each other's backs. my
messages were stuff like: you're SUPER nice, you are so
funny!, nice gal!, WOZZECK, funny girl - hope to talk and
laugh some more with you :), nice, WEIRD, good luck with
your piano, ecclectic [aka weird], good improv :), funny,
UR REALLY PRETTY :), funny as hell (i love your dog crap
story :)), UR WEIRD, pretty gal... funny too!... yea, i
just peeled all of those off the back of my shirt. god, i
must be really weird, i got a weird comment twice... =/
that makes me sad :(. oh well, i don't care, i know i'm
weird and i'm proud of it too! wee! bye.