All in the Night
2001-09-27 20:02:51 (UTC)

Been a while

Gee, it's been a few days since i've updated this thing.
I've noticed that like everyone but andrew has quit
updating too. Hint! Hint! But umm...yeah this has been a
pretty boring week. School's been dragging by, the days
get longer and longer and time gets slower and slower. We
went to see "The Two Men of Verona" yesterday. IT was
actually better than i thought it would be...I actually
caught on to a lot of the things Clary had been telling us
about. Lol, Shakespear was a perv. I have to go take
pictures of the Jv football game for the annual tonight and
i hope Sarah gets to come. Andrew isn't playing :( Lol i
had the funniest experience last night. I Dyed Sarah's
hair!!!! I told her that i had done my mom's like a lot, a
complete and toal lie, which she found out after i already
started! hahaha, i actually did a good job though, or at
least i think i did. There really isn't much difference in
the color. Although, she did look rather lovely as Dr.
Frankenfurter. Hmm...my dad was in a bithy mood as
usual..other than that there's really nothign to wrtie to i
guess i'll wait and see if anything comes up. I'm out.