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2003-02-21 02:04:59 (UTC)


well, back to school. whoo-hoo. can you feel the

anyway! i just finished shoveling out the drainage ditch in
the back yard...not fun. my back hurts now. see, in our
backyard there's this drainage ditch, and when it rains all
the rainwater runs down it into the creek on the next
street. but there are these trees that line the drainage
ditch, so their leaves always fall into the ditch. and this
causes problems, because when there are leaves in the
ditch, the water can't flow smoothly, and it overflows into
our yard and its just a big yucky mess. so, since my dad is
anticipating these torrential rains we're supposedly
getting on saturday, guess whose job it was to clean out
the ditch? yep, mine. so i go back there, in the dark, mind
you, and the ditch already has water in it because of the
melting snow. but it also has 8 tons of leaves in it. okay,
maybe not quite that many, but still. and does anyone know
how heavy soaking wet piles of leaves can be? i bet you
don't. they probably weighed 8 million pounds per shovel-
load. no joke. it was soo not fun. and why couldn't he have
asked me to do it before it got dark? sheesh, some people...

well, i just needed a moment to complain,

oh, and another thing? what is up with me being moved in
history? ok so melillo says our little group talks too
much, and he's gonna move some people around. i can't
believe he took a poll of my friends to see who agreed
with him that I was the troublemaker! and not just that,
but theresa and karen said yes! grrrrr what losers. so i
think melillo was gonna move suleka instead, but i was
being a good friend and i told him to move me, not suleka.
so he grins at me, thoroughly enjoying himself, and moves
me to the other side of the room! surrounded by people i
don't especially like! grrrr he can be really annoying
sometimes. grrrr.


ok. im done growling.

but my mommy gets to go to atlanta this week, and i'm
sooooo totally jealous. i mean, it's the "home of the
braves" and all! and she won't take me! its not like we're
doing anything important in school...


i need to go read huck finn. actually, i don't know if i
need to or not, cause ms lind is totally disorganized and
because of all the snow days i don't even think SHE knows
what's do when. but whatever. i can't stand that woman.

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