Sarah's Journal
2001-09-27 19:31:51 (UTC)


Who really are our friends? How do we know? How do we
ever know what someone really feels? I think we can come
close, but we never really get it. There have been times
that I have wondered how it would feel to be anyone but
me. I have realized that as intricate as my thoughts can
be, everyone has thoughts running through their minds every
second of every day. And I have no way of telling what it
is that they are thinking.
There are a few things I would like to figure out right
now. I'll list them. Some might sound silly, but oh
well. I'm silly.
1) How to get to anthropology
2) How to get to the first presbyterian church cuz I have
to read there tomorrow morning.
3) Why Nick and I aren't together
4) Why Missy and I fight
5) Why Adam has to live so far away
6) Why my monitor is being an asshole
7) How to study properly and learn to catch the little tiny
things that you'd never think would be on a test but
somehow always end up on there and you're like "What the
Hell? When was I ever told ANYTHING REMOTELY about that???"
8) How to get a journal at www.livejournal.com cuz this one
is boring

yeah, so I'm crazy. Have I mentioned lately that I love
Nick? Yeah, I hate it sometimes, but I love him. I try to
not bug him, but I love to be around him. All the time.
He's like the most wonderful person and I can't get enough
of him. It's like, I know that he has his faults, but I
can overlook them. Yes, I digust myself as well. But I
would do anything for that boy. I would give my right
pinky toe for him to more than "something" me (you won't
get that unless you're Nick). I know I sound crazy . . . I
am crazy, about him. It doesn't wear off. It's a pain
because I know I can't have him . . . but I don't mind
loving him. *sigh*

I miss Monica and TJ. I never get to see them. =( I just
moved liek 1/2 a centimeter in my rolly chair and the
motion-sensor lights all turned on. can we say
sensitive? ;-) Well, needless to say, I'm in a pretty
good mood today, I think =) I am going dancing tonight
with Nick and Missy!!!!! To dirty Ernies!!!!! hehe.
Alright, i'm off. ttyl!