Blue Castle reverie

My Saga
2001-09-27 19:25:17 (UTC)


Parker left Laura and I today. After school... he just
drove off without us. I don't think he meant to; he's been
rather out of it lately. So Laura and I just stood there
in the parking lot looking incredibly hurt. Then we rode
home with Elizabeth, which was great, cuz Elizabeth is so
much fun. I really admier her. She is such a strong,
incredible individual. And funny too. As we were walking
out to her car, the payphone wrang, and we were all looking
at each other, so she walks up and answers it. Her end of
the conversation was something like: "Hello" "This is
Elizabeth" "uh-huh" "uh-huh" "Is there a Jamie
here??" "well, this is a high school" "oh, ok. goodbye".

The "Mr. BHS" pageant thingy is tonight. Laura and Katie
and I are going. It should be a blast... from what I hear,
the guys have some really funny stuff planned...