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life of a porn star
2001-09-27 19:15:38 (UTC)

i got my licence today

last night i talked to tom online and i guess we are
friends but we hardly talk now... well it was a short
convorsation and we stopped talking. but he said that e
thought i hated him and i dunno. also i talked to greg last
night and he said that tom is realy self concious. so then
i felt bad like he thought i was useing him or he thought i
didnt like him. i dunno mabey we just fucked up together. i
cant make him have feelings for me. cause ther are people
ive been with and it just didnt feel right. so i guess its
ok there.
then today was a fun day at school. it was one of those
crazy lunches where we laughed and threw food like the old
days lol. i dont think me and y friends will ever grow up.
then i got to leave early to take my road test. so i got my
licence!! so im excted about that. tonight me and my
friends are going to derby for a retreat i hope we have
fun!! o well life is good.