REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
2003-02-20 23:54:49 (UTC)

school tomarrow


we gots school tomarrow. thats really gay cause its only
one day! lol. o-well in a way thats good id rather go for
one day then all 5 days at a time.

today wasnt anything special. this morning i went to
breakfast with my brother and his girlfriend lindsay
her sister kelli. We went to the pancake house. After
breakfast, me and my bro went back to lins'house her mom
was babysitting. Yeah...the kids hated me lol. Only one of
them liked me. He was probobly i guess 1. His name was
phillip! he was soooo cute haha...yeah..he was cute until
he spit up on my shoulder. Thnx again phil! lol. when i
got home i went on the computer watched some tv. Then i
went snowboarding again!;) but today for somereason just
wast as fun as b4. After that linsay came back to my house
and my brother her and me well call ust kinda chilled for
a while. Then i went on the computer again. I waited for
like 2 hours for the middletown site to post if we had
school or not. we do...its suxs but o-well. and now here i
am...just chillin talkin to peeps...sorry for the boring