Watch me lose it...
2003-02-20 23:54:10 (UTC)

Mrs Flanders

Listening to : Eminem - Solider
This is from Tawnys diary, written today..she still doesnt
write to me..I just read her diary sometimes...

"i hate rap. my brother and i were having a discussion on
which is worse: hateful hardcore metal, or perverted sex-
driven rap. i suppose they're both pretty bad, but dammit,
i'd rather go around being hateful than having my hormones
drive my every will and desire. rape is worse than murder
in my bring on the hardcore heavy metal.
*opens winamp and gets hateful* but then again, it's all
entertainment, and has nothing to do with the way society
is going to shit...blah blah blah."

If religion makes you HATE rap music then I'm glad I don't
go to church!
For one so well balanced and non caring for things
so "unpleasant" as hip hop....please read the following
from her diary...the paragraph before the one shown above..

"my parents threatened to test me for drugs today. they
said i act weird. what the fuck? THEY act weird. i'm the
only half sane person in this house...and the way my mental
soundness is these days, that's saying a lot. drug test..i
swear. they wouldn't do it. they can't afford one.
still, it makes me wonder how long pills stay in your
system. i wondered that in the hospital. but i'm not
arrested or anything, so i guess everything has found its
way out."

Also consider the following from an earlier entry

"i tell myself this every time i do it, and yet...blood has
flown, scars are already forming. only this time, i've
gone farther than ever before. this time..the under layers
are visible. a sight no one should have to see. i can't
stop bleeding. it's not just blood now...other unknown
liquids are finding this way out of my body. semi-clear
water seeping from the shelf that formed from unlevel
pieces of skin."

Thanks Jesus...I've seen the light!!
I've sold my soul already. I dont cut myself..or take
drugs.I've never raped anyone...or murdered anyone....I do
listen to rap music. I adore the agression and passion in
the lyrics of Eminem.

Draw your own conclusions in the space shown below...