2003-02-20 23:09:43 (UTC)

just one of those days

have any of u ever had one of those days that u expect
to seem like the worst day ever but yet somehow ur still
in a good mood? well that's my day today... i was supposed
to have off of work today but i got a call at 5 in the
morning, it was my boss asking me to come into work. i was
in the middle of the greatest dream ever(i'll get back to
that later) and i only went to bed a few hours b4 that so
i was a lil upset. anyway i hopped in the shower, got
dressed and went to work. then when i get there i end up
being the only one there(now that pissed me off). i walk
into my boss's office and asking him what's going on and
he said 'thanks for coming in , i'll be back in a half
hour. and ur free to go home'. do u think he came back in
a half hour? NO, 7 hours later he comes strolling in like
he was on time and everything was swell. well he was at
least sweet enough to bring some lunch back for me. so i
left and on my way home i got a flat tire. how much does
that suck? for those of u who don't know we have around
2ft of snow on he ground and it's cold. so here i am
changing the tire freezing my butt off, my hands r so cold
touching them would probably make them snap off. i finally
finished changing it. i got home just to find out the
cable is out, so i have to call the cable company and get
it all straightened out. normally i wouldn't care if the
cable was out cuz i don't watch much tv but my computer
has a cable modem so i was stuck without the internet.
finally i get everything settled and finally get to relax
when suddenly the phone rings. guess who it is..... it's
the pain in the ass that always calls(the one i talked
about in the last entry). he was asking y Nick took the
phone and y i let him. i couldn't help but laugh. so he
tries to make me feel jealous by talking about this other
girl. he keeps telling me how nice she is so i told him i
wished him the best of luck with her and hope that finds
as much happiness in her that i found in my Damian. boy he
got so pissed yea gives me this snotty attitude and
goes, 'yea whatever, talk to u later' then hangs up. if
that chick and him start going out i don't think they
would last very long. this guy is WAAAAY too clingy and
okay anyway back to that great dream i was having b4 i
was interupted... Damian and I were hanging out with some
of our friends on a beach in Trinidad, kinda like a lil
party. he came over to me, took my hands and asked me to
take a walk with him. so we took a long walk until he
stopped at this huge black rock and climbed up, then
pulled me up. he said he just wanted to get away to be
alone for a bit. so he sat down and i sat in front of him
between his legs and rested my head back on his shoulder.
he wrapped his arms around me giving me this altogether
safe feeling that nothing bad will ever happen to me cuz
he wouldn't allow it. knowing i felt so comfortable around
him brought the biggest smile to my face. then we talked
for a bit about what we each wanted out of life, all the
while hearing the waves crashing around, i reached up and
brought his face to mine and kissed him. we then just sat
in silence holding each other as we watched the sun go
down. we realized it was getting late and our friends were
back up the beach further so we decided to start heading
back, so he helped me up and right b4 i went to climb down
off the rock he pulled me close to him and kissed me
again, this time more passionate. he then looked deep into
my eyes and told me he wanted to be with me until the end
of time. that's when he got on one knee and asked me to be
his wife, of course that's when the phone rang to wake me up. man
would a few more minutes kill my boss?!?! hopefully
tonight the dream will continue. i think this dream is y
the things that happened today didn't pissed me off too
bad. it just put me in a good mood for the whole day. The
song for this entry will be "Another Night, Another Dream"
by La Bouche, just for my dream. until next time.....