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2003-02-20 22:15:54 (UTC)

You know i wasnt mad at this..

You know i wasnt mad at this particualar person before
but now i really am. i was on the verge of getting over the
sweet things that he said. And i had forgiven him i just
didnt want to talk to him yet b/c of certain reasons. One
he just strait up scares me now...i dont know if i can
trust him to not say anything that will leave me misserable
for months. You know the saying "sticks and stones may
break my bones but words will never hurt me"? well that is
completely not true...well with me anyway. Broken bones
will heal eventually...words can echo in your mind for a
very long time if not the rest of your life. So becareful
of what you say to other people. And and now i really dont
want to talk to this person. So if that particualar person
is reading this i had forgiven you. Although i am glad to
see that you would like to let everyone know that i am not
a forgiving person even though you really dont know all
that much about me. and you dont even let people have their
time to cool off. So i have forgiven this person to all
whom would like to know but i really dont want to talk to
them...now or at the current moment i dont know if i ever