2001-09-27 16:56:33 (UTC)


Well this like totally suxs!!! I mean this one site that I
wanna go on won't let me go on that is so jacked up. Anyway
man My sis is well my lil sis Vanesssa is seeing this dude
named T.J. and I really don't trust him and I don't think
she is gonna listen to me bout what I think of him. Well
all I gotta say is that if I find out he is trying to get
her to do something she shouldn't be doing then he is hella
gonna get a beat down. Or if I see him with another chick I
will hella kick his ass!!! Welll Holly is bouts to move
this weekend but she isn't gonna live with bob their gonna
live out here its pretty cool. Well I gotsta fly!! Laterz