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2003-02-20 21:38:05 (UTC)


Okay guess i've been neglecting to update me diary... =(
Someone told me yesterday to update it... or suffer the
consequences ** cough **... !!!

Life's been decent to me lately... Although work still
sucks... Sometimes it's fun... (( maybe like 10 percent of
the time.. lol ))... I've been giving more responsibilies
now at work... Like you might know i'm in charge of the
frozen deptarment of the grocery store... It's a pretty
damned big store and the frozen deptarment is quite big and
we sell alot of items in a day... That keeps me working i
guess... Well for about 1 month now i've started to do the
ordering.... (( it aint easy... try to anticipate what i'll
neeed for the next load to come in to fill the shelves...
Sometimes it's never enough sometimes it's tooo much..
hehe )) But i guess after a while i'll get more the hang of
it... I've also gotten a decent raise... 1,30$ an hour more
than what i was making... =P So with the lil cut in hours
that will make the ammount of cash i get in a week about
even what i used to be getting working 40 hours...

I helped a co-worker install is Starchoice Satellite dish
a few weeks ago... It was very cold the day that we
installed it... but now it's working goood... I met is
girlfriend also.. She is very cute, laughs alot and loves
Jlo's butt.. ROFL He has a roomate also, and she is decent
looking... At work the day after i went to his place, he
told me that she found me pretty cute... But when he told
her my age... nuf said... =( She's 19 and since i'm 27..
kinda leaves me out the picture... ohh well...

My cold is fading... now it's only a stuffy nose...
that's about it what's left of it... =) I'm sooo glad it
didnt last for weeks... like they usually do to me.. hehe

Tomorow i might go spend a bit of money... and buy myself
a new computer... It's kinda neeeded... This machine did
his time... The system i have now is a Pii 300 Mhz, with
320 Ram... Was a very goood machine at the time.,.. but
after several years... it's beeen outmatched by quite a
lot...Neeedlesss to say that basically everything seeems to
have met it's lifespawn also... Cd-rom doesnt work, USB
ports dont work... computer freeezes alot and is slow...

The system i am looking to buy can be seen here...


It looks like a pretty goood deal for that system.. Only
problem is the monitor that doesnt come with it... I'll
have to wait for a few more weeks to save up the cash for
it... but... It will be nice to have... =)

Internet chatting just aint the same lately... I very miss
someone that i used to talk with alot some time ago... She
meant alot to me, but now that she's kinda banned from
talking to me... It makes chatting boring... Wish it could
be different... /nod But life's what it is... I'm glad
that we can still talk once in a while... =) Ohhh.. and...
guesss i should write more in my diary...

Well gonna try to catch a bit more sleeeeeeep.... woke
up only after sleeeping 4 hours... Since i'm off tomorow ((
Friday )) i can rest then.. =)

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