Life as I know it.
2001-09-27 16:33:46 (UTC)

I promise you I will

Ah insane night last night.

So okay once again i finalized coffee plans with Chris so
dum dum dum, date tonight after all.

BUT yeah went down to the Strip last night, actually to
Tequilla Willie's for Lara's 21st birthday. Had fun, saw
lots of Pitt people, cause hey it was dollar drinks til
midnight. I was double fisting rum and cokes all night
cause my feet fucking hurt in my cute dress shoes so I
wanted to numb the pain. By the way that in the end didnt
work, my feet still hurt the day after. But I did get
trashed, and I made out with tis guy and gave him my phone
number=0/ And from what i hear from Kristin this boy wasnt
cute. I think he called me last night from a pay phone
cause it was in his area...we actually used to live like
right by eachother so this is how i know such things. I
hope he doesnt call today. I also now missed all my
classes cause i slept thru my alarm foolishly thinking i
was gonna wake up. Yeah right. So yeah skipping all my
other classes today too, okay I only have one left.

Still havent gotten my period, but i told Kristin last
night and she is a month and a half late and she isnt
pregnant and she took a home test, but even if she
was...she has Dylan...I offiially have no one. BLAH I

Oh and I left my away message upon AOL last night and matt
IM'd me wondering where i was at, its nice to think
sometimes im wanted but he probably just wanted sex...which
isnt bad cause thats what i want most of the time. But now
being late and stuff....i dont know....sex is evil..thats
why its soooooo goddamned good.