The World In My Eyes
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2001-09-27 15:53:39 (UTC)


Alright in WH1 the other day, i was hipsters and a thong
and Brad and Jeff saw it and Brad wouldnt leave me alone
about it and jeff was like thats so hot you wear a thong,
and hes like you are so hot. Which was nice, but I was as
red as my hair! And Jeff is grounded for like a month, so we
might not go to the movies Saturday, Emi says we will, but I
doubt it. I wont be hearin Jeff play my song for awhile:( He
wants to hear me sing though and Im like, ohhhhhhhh. I hate
singin in front of peps, I cant sing, hes like then why are
you in Chamber SIngers(which is like second best singing
group in my school and city), I was like cuz the director
felt bad for me:) But seriously I cant sing. Jeff's Bff says
I am hot, Ron. Its like what is up wit these freshmen? They
have got to have mental probs, thinkin I am hot, LoL. Why
cant the upperclassmen think that way! Ugh! Whatever. I
geuss Ill bounce. TYYL LOVES!