Stream of Consciousness
2003-02-20 18:36:47 (UTC)


i sleep way to god damn much. i get about 10 hours of
sleep on average a night, but it isnt unusual for me to get
11 or 12. i wake up with a headache and a lazt dimeaner
from extended nothingness. i keep telling myself "gotta
stop sleeping so much adam", over and over but it has no
effect. it reminds me of a U.C.B. skit i saw once where
they discovered an old video diary of einstiens where he
was discussing how he masterubated to much "gotta stop
masterbating albert.......stop it! stop it!.....you can
masterbate so much its making you stupid albert." yeah. i
think all the extra hours is making me stupid....or wicked
awesome!!!! hahahahaha that was great (see what i mean).
Today i give the speach on chess. its going to be
awesome. when i first heard about this assignment i was
nervous to say the least. now im of the state of mind that
everyone is going to go in there and fuck it up, im just
another pepple on the beach. that, and my speach kicks ass.
what would my journal be without at least one mention of
the female situation in my life? so here gos it....."Female
situation as of 02/20/03: Dont have one" there you go!!
wooooooo anywho. im out